Targum Ltd.

Polymers take a very important place in our lives. Everyone of us is surrounded by environment of products composed of various types and qualities of polymers. Polymers have unique properties compared to other materials, occupying a large part of our daily lives. They can satisfy all the needs we have by using them properly. At the same time they could save a significant part of our finances as their price is relatively low compared to other materials.
Polymer materials have many advantages over other materials such as low self-weight, high durability, good impact resistance, low surface roughness, easy for processing, corrosion resistance and aesthetics. All of the mentioned properties make them the preferred raw material for production.
Therefore Targum Ltd. company undertook a difficult task to find and offer you the best quality polymer products with best prices on the market.
Our team believes that finding out of quality and profitable raw materials is the only way to build up strong, long-term relationships with our customers.