Import and Distribution

Polymers have become a leading raw material worldwide. The main reason for this fact is the wide range of applications where these materials could be used. Purchase, sale, distribution and marketing of polymer products has become a leading industry. All that turns polymers into products with a great importance for all manufacturers of plastic products. The cost of the raw material and its delivery time are essentials for the producers worldwide.

How important are polymers for us anyway? Let us consider the application of these products by presenting only a small part of the final product produced using the polymer products.

Practices and Applications of Polymers

1. Styrofoam, Takeout Containers, DVD cases, Packing Peanuts (Polystyrene)
2. Plastic Jars, Milk Containers, Toys, Trash Can Liners, Agricultural Film, Crates, Pails, Caps & Closures (Polyethylene)
3. Wine Corks, Shoe Soles, Solar Panels, Signage (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate / EVA)
4. Upholstery, Patio Furniture, Carpet Backing, Housewares (Polypropylene)
5. Eyeglasses, Computer Cases, Toys, Discs, Water Bottles (Polycarbonate)
6. PVC Pipes, Credit Cards, Floor Tiles, Signs and Banners, Shoes (Polyvinyl Chloride / PVC)
7. Barrier Films, Soft Drink Bottles, Carpets (Polyethylene Terephthalate / PET)

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